I believe in the quote by Victor Borge, “A smile is the shortest distance between two people.” Whether it is by capturing smiles or making people smile when they see my pictures, I find inspiration in those smiles. My compassion for people and animals and love of taking pictures showed me I could make a difference. I enjoy photographing people and pets in their everyday routines and catching their candid moments that gives you a small glimpse of who they are.

It takes a split second to capture a moment, but those moments last a lifetime. Everything we need is right in front of us. We just have to see it. 

As an award-winning photojournalist for more than 20 years with the Republican Herald newspaper, I’ve become accustomed to working in the most extreme and challenging lighting conditions, working on the fly, meeting pressing deadlines, getting the job done in every type of weather imaginable and discovering the beauty in the everyday.

I show up with an open heart and my admiration and interest for my subjects always brings out the best.  I find inspiration in everyday life and believe everyone has a story and I enjoy capturing it.